Adult Chicken

Complete Food - Chicken


We use Fleischsaftgarung  to prepare our dry food Adult Chicken. Fleischsaftgarung is a method of preparing fresh meat. It was developed in the kitchen and not in the feed industry. The method is based on techniques often used by culinary chefs to make meat tastier and healthier by using meat juices. Fleischsaftgarung is a carefully selected combination of these cooking techniques, adapted to the physical needs and interests of dogs.
Fleischsaftgarung is a process in which fresh meat is cooked in its own nutrient-rich meat juice, just like in the kitchen. Our dry food Adult Chicken is produced when the fresh meat is cooked at a low temperature over a long period of time and the meat juice is constantly concentrated using a cooking technique known as reduction.

Due to Fleischsaftgarung, our dry food is:

  • particularly nutritious

  • a treat for your dog

  • soft but chewy because of the meat juices

  • highly digestible

  • does not swell in dog's stomach (no bloating)

  • contain less carbohydrates

Fleischsaftgarung makes dog food equivalent to high-quality human food. We therefore do not call food cooked with Fleischsaftgarung ‘dog food’. After all, a best friend does not receive feed.
We have our dog food tested regularly and independently by one of the most renowned test centres in Germany, the ELAB Analytik GmbH (formerly TÜV SÜD ELAB).



Fresh chicken meat (70 %), broken rice, corn (GMO-free), dehydrated chicken protein, hydrolysed poultry protein, dried brewers’ yeast, dried apple pulp, salmon oil, yucca extract, cold-pressed flaxseed oil, cold-pressed olive oil, green-lipped mussel extract, dried carrots, dried tomatoes, dried african marigold, dried dandelion, dried broccoli, dried green tea, dried chamomile, dried oregano, dried milk thistle seed, dried cranberry seed, dried seaweed, potassium chloride.

Analytical constituents
Crude protein
Crude oils and fats
Crude ash
Crude fibre
Moisture (natural content)

Additives per kg

Vitamins: 3a672a/vitamin A 10,000 IU, 3a671/vitamin D3 1,600 IU, 3a700/vitamin E 150 mg. Trace elements: 3b104/iron 75 mg, 3b201/iodine 3 mg, 3b405/copper 19 mg, 3b503/manganese 40 mg, 3b603/zinc 50 mg, 3b607/zinc 100 mg, 3b801/selenium 0.4 mg.

Calories per 100g

364.4 kcal


Food change

We recommend an immediate change of dog food without a transitional phase. Due to the differences in digestibility, mixing PLATINUM Dry Food with another dry food is not advisable.

Daily feeding amounts
Dog's weight in kgFeeding amount in g
3.0 - 5.0
55 - 85
5.0 - 7.5

85 - 115

7.5 - 10.0

115 - 150

10.0 - 12.5
150 - 165
12.5 - 15.0
165 - 190
15.0 - 20.0
190 - 250
20.0 - 25.0
250 - 300
25.0 - 30.0
300 - 325
30.0 - 40.0
325 - 425
40.0 - 60.0
425 - 600
60.0 - 80.0
600 - 750

Please note the following points when feeding:

  • Serve dry or slightly moistened with water.
  • Do not let the food soak for a long time, serve immediately.
  • Always provide your dog with fresh water.
  • Initially please feed using the lower recommended amount, only serve more if required.


Can I give my dog wet food and dry food on the same day?

If you want to offer your dog a little variety, you can easily switch between all types of PLATINUM food. It does not matter whether you give wet food in the morning and dry food in the evening or vice versa. A combination of wet and dry food in one meal is also possible, as both forms of feeding have the same digestibility with PLATINUM.

Why is the food the same, no matter what the breed of dog?

Every dog is originally descended from wolves, the digestive tract is designed for meat. Our kibbles are designed in such a way that they can be absorbed easily by any breed from the Chihuahua to the Great Dane and they satisfy the needs of all breeds equally.

Why does PLATINUM process fresh meat?

Compared to conventional dry food, which is mainly made from meat meal, the slow-cook meat juice method requires at least 70% fresh meat in order to prepare PLATINUM dry food. The difference between meat meal and fresh meat is very huge. In order to obtain meat meal from fresh meat, the fresh meat has to be heated strongly and exposed to high heat for a long time, often also to high pressure. This removes the nutrient-rich meat juice from the fresh meat in addition to the flavor carrier fat. Meat meal therefore is significantly lower in nutrients than fresh meat. We know from cooking that meat juice and fat make the roast a pleasure in the first place, which is why we do not prepare the Sunday roast with meat meal. Thanks to the slow-cook meat juice method, the PLATINUM dry food does not contain any locks or flavors, no coloring or odorous substances and no flavor enhancers.

How do I switch from conventional dryfood to PLATINUM?

We recommend an immediate change in dog food without a transition phase. Due to the different digestibility, it is not recomendable to mix PLATINUM dry food with any other dry food.

Does PLATINUM perform animal experiments?

No, you can rely on the fact that no animal experiments are done for the product development and production of our food and care products - neither by us, nor by any other third party.

Which variety of dry food is suitable for my dog?

Whether you give your dog Adult Chicken, Adult Beef + Potato, Adult Lamb + Rice or rather Adult Iberico + Greens, you can - as long as your four-legged friend is not aware of any intolerances - chose after your dog's preferences. Of course, you can also switch between the four varieties as you wish. Each of our dry foods varaities suppy a healthy dog with a it needs.

Can I change easily between the different Adult varieties?

In principle, a change is possible at any time. Different varieties can also be fed on the same day. However, we recommend feeding the opened bag first. In addition a selection in the bowl should be avoided, especially during the change phase to Platinum or if there are known intolerances.

Why does PLATINUM not have a variety for older dogs?

A healthy senior dog can still be fed with PLATINUM as our food is very easy to digest and the ingredients it contains are of high quality. Please note, however, that the energy expenditure decreases with the age and the amount of food should be reduced if necessary. If an illness is discovered in your older dog, we recommend individual advice from our veterinary department.

How long is the shelf live of PLATINUM?

The dry dog food is durable for 18 month after production, the wet dog food MENU is durable for 36 months after production.

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