MeatCrisp Sterilised Chicken

Complete dry food for sterilised adult cats - Chicken


MeatCrisp is the first wholesome cat food from a Freshmeatdryer. It contains fresh meat’s natural micronutrients and amino acids, making MeatCrisp a better substitute for a cat’s natural prey than most commercial cat foods. If you feed your cat MeatCrisp, it will feel more stable and relaxed and thus happier. The crispy bite and meaty taste of MeatCrisp make it so delicious that your cat won’t want to eat anything else. MeatCrisp does not contain any attractants.

The advantages of MeatCrisp from the Freshmeatdryer at a glance:

  • 83 % fresh meat (no meat meal or animal meal)

  • natural ingredients
  • without attractants
  • without cereals containing gluten
  • nutritious and easy to digest
  • taurine optimised



Fresh chicken meat 83 %, Flor de Maíz (finest corn flour), fresh salmon, mix of potatoes*, peas* and rice, brewer’s yeast*, vegetable fibre*, egg*, salt, salmon oil, chicory root* (FOS). (*dried)

Analytical constituents
Crude protein
Crude oils and fats
Crude ash
Crude fibre

Additives per kg

Vitamins: 3a672a/vitamin A 35,000 IU, 3a671/vitamin D3 1,500 IU, 3a700/vitamin E 200 mg. Trace elements: 3b101/iron 40 mg, 3b203/iodine 1.5 mg, 3b405/copper 10 mg, 3b505/manganese 10 mg, 3b502/manganese 20 mg, 3b603/zinc 80 mg, 3b612/zinc 40 mg, 3b810/selenium 0.05 mg, 3b802/selenium 0.10 mg, 3a370/taurine 1,500 mg, 3a910/L-carnitine 10,000 mg.

Calories per 100g

356 kcal


Food change

Since cats are very picky, it is recommended to change the food slowly, over several days. In the beginning, only a few kibbles should be mixed with the familiar dry food, to get the cat used to the new smell and taste. This amount can be gradually increased over the next few days. After about a week, the cat will usually be used to the new food.
If your cat still refuses the food, go back to the familiar food and try the change in smaller steps. Please do not let your cat go hungry under any circumstances, as this can be life-threatening for your cat.

Daily feeding amounts
Cat's weight in kgDaily Feeding amount in g

23 - 34


30 - 40


37 - 53


42 - 62


48 - 70


53 - 78


58 - 85

Please note the following points when feeding:

  • Keep fresh water available at all times.

  • Start by giving the smallest suggested amount and increase later if necessary.


Does PLATINUM perform animal experiments?

No, you can rely on the fact that no animal experiments are done for the product development and production of our food and care products - neither by us, nor by any other third party.

What is the meat content in MeatCrisp?
The fresh meat content in MeatCrisp is 83%. This covers the cat's basic need for a high meat content. Cats, unlike other animals, can generate their energy very well from meat, which is why their metabolism is designed for a high meat content.
What is the shelf life of MeatCrisp?
MeatCrisp has a shelf life of 18 months after leaving the factory.
What is the best way to store MeatCrisp?

To avoid loss of flavour, please store MeatCrisp in the original bag. The integrated hook-and-loop fastener allows it to be easily and securely closed again and again in an airtight manner.

To avoid contamination with parasites or germs, we advise against decanting into other containers.

Why is fresh meat included in MeatCrisp?

Fresh meat has a higher nutrient content, a higher biological value and a higher protein digestibility compared to meat and animal meals, which are mostly used in conventional cat food. Furthermore, the nutrient and flavour carrier fat as well as the nutrient-rich meat juice are not contained in meat and animal meals at all, whereas they are in fresh meat. This is due to the exposure to high temperatures during the production of meat and animal meals. This negative effect is exacerbated in conventional feed production, because the most commonly used extrusion process also involves high temperatures combined with high pressure.  MeatCrisp, on the other hand, is prepared with a Freshmeatdryer. With this, for the first time, it has been possible to prepare a wholesome dry food for cats from fresh meat. The extraordinary thing about the Freshmeatdryer is that it preserves the natural micronutrients and amino acids of the fresh meat. This is because the Freshmeatdryer crisps the fresh meat along with other ingredients that are important for cat health at a low temperature and with circulating air. The slow and even drying process preserves the natural taste of the meat while maintaining the right nutritional composition for cat health. MeatCrisp is therefore super tasty for your cat and doesn’t need any enticement.

Can I give my cat additional wet food?

If you want to offer your cat additional variety through wet food, this is possible. Please feed these separately to MeatCrisp and not mixed in one meal.

How often should I feed my cat?
Several small meals a day are best for cats. However, you should decide on an individual basis how many meals your cat needs per day according to its eating habits. You should never offer more than one daily ration per day. For cats that divide their portion themselves, it is possible to refill the daily ration once a day. However, cats that always eat their portions directly should be given several smaller meals per day.
Feeding from automatic feeders is also possible and MeatCrisp is ideal for this. 
How do I know if my cat is at an ideal weight?

Weighing them gives a good indication, but of course there are differences depending on the breed. The best way to assess your cat’s condition is by touching and looking at it. The ribs should not be visible or directly palpable, but they should also not be hidden under a thick layer of fat. With gentle pressure, you should be able to feel the ribs well when stroking over them. The waist should be visible, depending on the coat, but in any case should be easily palpable and narrower than the chest. In addition, the knee fold (skin fold between the abdomen and the hind leg) should be skin on skin, i.e. without a layer of fat.

Why is there taurine in MeatCrisp and how much is there?

Taurine is an essential amino acid for cats. This means that the cat cannot produce this amino acid itself and must take it in with the food. The amount of taurine contained in MeatCrisp meets the needs of a healthy cat.

When do you feed "sterilised" cats?

After neutering, the cat's metabolism changes, which often leads to obesity. Excess weight can lead to serious secondary diseases, which is why regular weight checks (every 2 weeks) are advisable. If your cat tends to be overweight or its weight needs to be reduced, whatever the cause, reducing the amount of food alone is usually not enough, as it will also reduce important nutrients. A lower calorie food such as MeatCrisp Sterilised is recommended in this case.

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