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PLATINUM wet dog food - a real alternative to conventional wet dog food

PLATINUM wet dog food

True to our motto ‘Make your dog happy – with PLATINUM’, we rely on species-appropriate, natural nutrition. That is why as a leading manufacturer of high-quality dog food we only use the best ingredients.

The naturally healthy PLATINUM wet dog food is wheat and gluten-free and contains only high-quality ingredients that are also suitable for human consumption. In addition, it is free from attractants, flavouring agents, food colouring and flavour enhancers.

PLATINUM MENU, which is available in seven delicious varieties, is the first wet dog food made with at least 83 % fresh meat / fresh fish, which is gently cooked only in its own juice without added water. With PLATINUM MENU Mini you get the proven PLATINUM quality not only in the well-known 375-gram pack, but also in a convenient 100-gram tray. PLATINUM wet dog food is suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages. See for yourself on the following pages and get to know the difference to conventional wet food.

The PLATINUM difference to ordinary wet food

The PLATINUM difference
PLATINUM takes a different approach: Learn more about how it differs from conventional wet food.

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The PLATINUM recipe – no water, just its own juices

The PLATINUM recipe
83 % fresh meat / fresh fish and other high-quality ingredients: Find out for yourself what makes the PLATINUM MENU recipe and preparation so unique.

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PLATINUM wet dog food - a real alternative to conventional wet dog food


PLATINUM food – setting
new benchmarks

Several years ago the idea of PLATINUM was born. Find out more about our unique food, our philosophy and what is markedly different from conventional dog food.

PLATINUM dry food – a far cry from conventional dog food

Get to know the many advantages of our unique dry food for adult dogs and puppies and find out what distinguishes PLATINUM from conventional dry dog food.

PLATINUM snacks – healthy and tasty need not be mutually exclusive

Whether at the dog training facility, on a walk or at home, our reward treats are the right choice. Containing 76 % fresh meat, they are tasty and low in fat. Give PLATINUM snacks a try. Go and see for yourself!