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PLATINUM Nutritional Consulting - specific terms - easy to understand

Good to know what’s inside!!

We all have the same intention: We just want the best for our dogs! At first glimpse many brands of dog food appear to be of good quality! But has the dog food really the quality promised on the bag? A closer inspection of the declaration is mandatory if you really want to be sure what is inside the food.

But nevertheless there are several tricks to disguise quality and ingredients. In general there are two kinds of declarations: the open and the closed one. Both have one thing in common the ingredients are listed in descending order of weight.

Closed declaration
The ingredients are summarised in groups. For example wheat and other grains are subsumed under the collective term cereals. If gluten or other flour are added the group is named “cereals and by-products of plant origin”.

The same is true for the amount of meat. Here we have the subsumed group “meat and animal-by products”. This kind of declaration just gives an overview of the amounts, not of the kind and quality of the processed meat.

Open declaration:
In the open declaration all ingredients are listed individually. Does that sound good? Generally it does but even here it is possible to deceive. The producers are allowed to specify different forms of a substance separately.

In practice that means that meat is on first place of the declaration, although the sum of the different cereals have a higher amount than the part of meat ( for example cereals broken into: grounded corn, maize gluten, wheat flour, wheat).

In addition there could be also other surprises. If on the label on the front side it says “Tasty Chicken”, the reverse side will show that it is just “meat and animal-by products (min 4 % chicken, cereals and plant by-products, sugar, oils and fats, minerals).

In fact that means 96 % of the ingredients are hidden and just 4 % of chicken are indeed inside the dog food and it remains unclear whether it is high valuable meat or animal-by products such as claws and beaks.

If the food contains 4 % chicken, 4 % beef and 4 % lamb manufacturers are able to produce three kinds of dog food from one recipe with the same declaration.

Therefor it is worth to read declarations very carefully: to be sure that just those things come into the food bowls which really belong there.

Platinum always stands for transparent and easy declarations: All Platinum products contain just those ingredients that are shown in the declaration. For instance: Minimum 83 % of fresh meat or fresh fish, no animal-by products.


PLATINUM Nutritional Consulting - poisonous food for dogs

Poisonous food for dogs

Some of our four legged friends are clever thieves! But be careful – not everything your dog likes is also healthy!

Some of our human foods are an imminent risk for the dog´s health, even in small quantities.

Raisin / grapes
Cause vomiting, diarrhea, stomach ache to the point of renal failure.
Even 50 raisins or 30 grapes lead to an severe renal failure at a dog with a weight of 5 kg.

Macadamia nuts
Its dangerous substances are still unknown, but even 4 nuts can be enough to cause acampsia, walking problems and liver failure.

Stones (fruits)
Cracking the stones of apricots, plums and peaches releases hydrocyanic acid and cyanides, which the stones contain.

Bitter almonds
Contain amygdalin which during digestion is metabolized into hydrocyanic acid.

Especially dark chocolate contains theobromine which is very harmful for dogs. Just one bar of dark chocolate or coverture can kill a 5 kg dog!

Tomato & Peppers
Should just be fed overripe, because unripe fruits contain solanin, which could lead to lethargy/daze feeling, sickness, vomiting, hypersensitivity to sensory stimulus, handicapped breathing to the point of death.

Contain persin, a toxin for dogs. After absorption by the intestine the highest concentration in the blood is reached within 1 to 2 hours. Just a small dose effects an inflammation of the teats, higher doses lead to problems with the heart and to cardiac arrest.

Contains allicin. A whole garlic bulb is harmful for a dog with a weight of 10 kg. It leads to anemia by destruction of the blood cells.

The active component is n-propyldsulfid. It damages the blood cells and causes anemia. Especially affected breeds are akitas and shibas.

Xylit / xylitol or lignit
A substitute for sugar (artificial sweetener) present in diabetic products, tooth paste or similar products. It leads to liver damage and a decrease of the blood sugar level.




PLATINUM Nutritional Consulting  mites

Oh no, mites! How to avoid this contamination of our dog food.

Oh my dear! My dog is scratching all the time!

Many distressed customers complain about that. One reason could be the existence of mites. Here are some facts about that item.

Mites are tiny arachnids with a size of only 300 μm. They are not visible to the eye and are a significant reason for allergies. After being absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, the immune system reacts to the mites themselves and also to the protein parts of the mites’ excrements. The result is an itching and inflammation of the skin. Allergies against These vermin can be diagnosed by a skin- as well as with a blood test. Mites need a high relative humidity and a room temperature between 20 and 30°C. For this reason they are mostly found in kitchens and bathrooms. Depending on the circumstances they have a live time between several weeks and up to some months. Mites prefer, depending on the species, a nutrition with a high amount of protein or wheat and plants.

How does the mites get into the food?

There are several possibilities:

  • The ingredients, as for example wheat, are already contaminated before the processing of the food.
  • Infestation during the manufacturing process: if the food is not packaged immediately after the production and is first stored.
  • Infestation at home: Depending on the storage and the indoor climate it is possible that mites get through house dust into the food. This happens mainly if the food is not hermetically sealed or decanted into a bin which is contaminated with old food particles.

How to prevent mites?

  • Store the food in the original Platinum bag. Our dry dog food is packaged immediately after the production process in air-tight bags and not stored intermediately. For this reason the food in the original bag is absolutely free of mites.
  • Close the bag, for example with freezer bag clip. The food will stay fresh and juicy.
  • &Just open the bag for the short time when you take your daily ration and close it immediately afterwards. Please use a clean measuring cup or something similar to get the food out of the bag.
  • If the air-tight bags are stored additionally in a food bin, please make sure that it is cleaned regularly. Generally speaking: the shorter the opened bag is stored at home the smaller is the risk of a mite pest. For this reason Platinum just offers a variety of 1.5 kg and 5 kg bags for a fast consumption.
  • Store the food bags in cool and dry atmosphere and separated from other food, for example meal which often is contaminated by mites.
  • Ventilate your house regularly - this helps keeping the relative humidity low and creates unfavorable living condition for mites. To avoid them continuously it is advisable to worsen their living conditions.
  • As mites also occur in house dust it is not recommended to leave the dog’s food bowl Close to dog’s bed. If your dog is mite-allergic you should do special hygienic treatments, as weekly washing the dog’s bed or blankets hot.

Deep freezing of dog Food - does that make any sense for allergic dogs?

In fact it is often recommended to deep freeze the food for allergic dogs but this is not very effective.
Existing mites are killed of course, but even the dead mites and also their excrements could cause an allergy. Beside this after the defrosting the food can be contaminated again.

It is up to you to protect your dog from mites:

  • Ask for the storage of the dog food, from the production to the packaging.
  • Take air-tight bags (for example PLATINUM) that are guaranteed free of mites.
  • Store your dog food correctly at home.