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OralClean+Care Forte

OralClean+Care Forte

Quality pays!

With OralClean+Care Forte Gel, a 120 ml bottle will last approximately 100 days or even longer depending on when you are able to switch to purely preventative treatment and reduce the frequency of application.

The effect of OralClean+Care Forte is based on a special recipe of high-quality citrus seed extracts and herbal oils. All ingredients are completely harmless to health – even in the case of accidental ingestion. They are even approved for humans in accordance with the strict rules of the Food Regulation.


Application & dosage OralClean+Care Forte

Application & dosage
Successful treatment requires correct use in the appropriate dose.


Ingredients OralClean+Care Forte


Forte Gel
Water, citrus seed extract, herbal oils, alcohol, natural gelling agent
Mint flavour

Forte Spray
Water, citrus seed extract, herbal oils, alcohol
Mint flavour


Application & Dosage - OralClean+Care Forte

Application & Dosage – OralClean+Care Forte

Maintenance treatment: apply twice a day
For prevention: apply once every 2 – 3 days

The initial treatment phase usually lasts 3 to 6 weeks, until the tartar is removed. After that, the product needs to be applied only every 2 to 3 days to prevent tartar from reforming and to keep bad breath permanently at bay.

Do not let your pet eat or drink 30 minutes before and after the treatment!

For tartar to be successfully removed, it is essential to stick to the correct treatment regime – preferably applying mornings and evenings. Otherwise, the tartar has a chance to re-harden.

To intensify the effect it is possible after about 2 weeks to rub the affected areas with a gauze bandage or similar cloth. This process can then be repeated every 3 to 4 days.

Application and dosage of the spray

Use the spray on the outside of the teeth or directly on the affected areas. The number of sprays per application depends on the weight of the animal.

Dosage of OralClean+Care Spray


Application and dosage of the gel

The active ingredients are best distributed around the oral cavity – via the tongue and saliva – when the gel is applied to the outside of the top teeth as follows:

(1) Squeeze out the correct amount of gel (see dosage table) onto your finger a). Pull your pet's lip upwards b). Run your finger from back to front over the top row of teeth on one side of the mouth c) d).

(2) Repeat the process (1) for the other side.

Application OralClean+Care Gel

Dosage of OralClean+Care Gel

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